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25 Things! 250 Years of Brown's Material Past

Instructor: Claudia Moser
Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Rhode Island Hall

Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-4pm, and by appointment

email: Claudia Moser

Course Description: Did you know the house of the first president of Brown lies under what is today the Quiet Green? That the statue currently in front of the Ratty has lost his arm — twice? That a network of secret tunnels connects the Rockefeller Library to Carrie Tower? To commemorate the University’s 250th anniversary, this course will explore objects from Brown’s material past (art works, maps, trees, dining hall trays), using perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines, humanistic and scientific. By its end, the class will choose 25 Things to tell stories of both Brown’s history and its future.

The current schedule is tentative and the readings may change please be sure to use the syllabus on the private readings wiki page for the most up to date reading assignments.
Download the current syllabus here:Document IconARCH 1764.docx

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