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Geospatial Data Specific to Rhode Island

There are several methods to access the geospatial data files that are already available on our GIS / RS server. Here are three:

.....Method One

  1. Double click My Computer
  2. On pull down menu, select Tools -> Map Network Drive
  3. Choose a drive letter that is current unmapped
  4. In the Folder area, type \\xipe\gisdata
  5. Click Finish
  6. A window should open showing folders where geospatial data resides.

.....Method Two

  1. Start -> My Network Places
  2. Open Entire Network -> double click Microsoft Windows Network -> double click Remote Sensing and GIS Server (xipe)
  3. Right click gisdata -> Map Network Drive -> Select a drive letter and choose Finish

.....Method Three

  1. Start ArcMap
  2. Add Data
  3. Select the Connect To Folder Icon (a yellow arrow pointing right)
  4. In the space under "Choose the folder to which you want to connect", type \\xipe\gisdata

The folder \\xipe\gisdata contains two other folders. The folder rigisdata contains all the geospatial for Rhode Island from the RIGIS database. These data duplicate what can be downloaded from the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS).

Geospatial Data Specific For the US and Beyond

Access the \\xipe\gisdata folder via one of the methods outlined above. Within the "othergisdata" folder you will find some basic national and global geospatial data files (such as the boundaries of states, and countries). If you don't find what you need here, you can hunt for it on the web. See below for various links to get you started. Still no luck? Ask me, and I will try and help you!

Links to Download National / Global Geospatial Data

Tremendous amounts of geospatial data in "GIS-ready" format are available for download from various web sites. It is impossible to list them all, but here are some good ones:

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