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Alexander the Great has a very extensive presence on the Internet — and, as you might expect, these Alexander sites display both the best and worst aspects of the Web. You will find texts of original ancient sources, images of Alexander, scholarly articles, sites concerned with the legend of Alexander through the ages, maps, timelines, information about novels and movies about Alexander, etc. But you will also encounter highly partial sites that you should treat with caution — especially those dealing with issues such as whether Alexander "belongs" to modern-day Greece or Macedonia (FYROM), his sexuality, and other matters reflecting what Alexander has come to mean for different people in today’s world.

The most useful URL is, a website called Alexanderama that gathers in one place many hundreds of links to Alexander-related resources (some of them now dead links, and not all of them useful or even serious!). It was developed by a former University of Michigan graduate student in Classics, Tim Spaulding. This site has become so large it has recently been split in two, with separate areas for text and image resources.

Obviously, there is a complex network of articles that relate to Alexander and his enduring legacy to be found on Wikipedia (at

Also particularly helpful is the home page of the Perseus Project (at, which you’ll find especially useful for classical texts, maps, images, time-lines, etc.

Another generally reliable website dedicated to Alexander is Pothos :

And this is a useful website with some useful images and text:

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