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Due to the conflicting schedules of interested parties and insufficient abstract submissions, this symposium has been cancelled.  Depending on our funding source, it may be rescheduled for the fall semester.

Brown University ¦ Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World ¦ School of Engineering

Syposium Abstract

This symposium on ancient pyrotechnology will explore the multitude of materials science investigations into archaeomaterials.  By moving away from the ideals of stylistic typologies and evaluating materials on the basis of technique, technical skill, treatment, and material choice, we may begin to examine technological style, or the choices the craftsman makes in the production of an artifact.  The symposium may explore such topics as (but is not limited to):

(1) technologies and conditions of material production;

(2) structure-property relationships of materials;

(3) success/failure of materials and its influence on the development of technology (in regards to technological choice and object design);

(4) technological innovation. 

The interplay of structure, property, and performance of materials within engineering and materials science studies will serve as a useful backdrop to explore the above topics in regards to craft production.  With a cross-disciplinary approach to the subject of craft production, we will work towards a common goal of elucidating the ancient manufacturing techniques used to produce high-temperature products such as ceramics, metals, and glass.

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