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AE0120 S12: Arabia and the Arabs

Through a broadly defined archaeological lens this course will survey the social transformations of Arabia and the Arabs from their emergence in the historical record to the formation of the Saudi Kingdom and its transition to a nation state. This course bring together both the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods in order to investigate whether such a division constitutes a rupture in the cultural, material and spiritual worlds of those who have inhabited this region and have become collectively represented as Arabs. One major concern of this class is to interogate this ethnic label, what it comprises, how it is used, and its power to assume continuities in certain realms of social life while allowing for changes in others.
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Instructor: Ian Straughn Who is this? contact me via email

Office Hours: Tues. 2-4pm (and by appointment)

My office is located in The Joukowsky Instutute, Room 309, 70 Waterman

Class time and place: MWF 2:00- 2:50 PM (G Hour) in TBA


Book Buying for this course:

Please wait to purchase texts for this course until after the first session in which I will give you some guidance on which to prioritize. However, you might purchase the Hoyland Arabia and the Arabs as we will read that in its entirety in the first couple of weeks.

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