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ARCH 1220 Byzantine Archaeology and Art: Material Stories of a Christian Empire

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The world of Byzantium is often considered as a dark age separating the glories of Rome and the Renaissance. Yet Byzantium was among the longest living empires in world history, with an artistic and cultural impact felt far beyond its borders. The course will introduce students to a series of art works, architectural masterpieces, and archaeological discoveries that illuminate our understanding of the much underestimated, and much misunderstood, Byzantine Empire.

Meets: TTh 1:00-2:20/ Rhode Island Hall, room 008.
Instructor: Fotini Kondyli
phone: 4018636231 email:Fotini Kondyli 

Office Hours: Wednesdays 14:00-16:00 or by appointment

Office: Rhode Island Hall, room 007

Teaching Assistant: Daria Resh


Office Hours: by appointment

Syllabus / Assignments / Posts & News / Readings / Useful resources

Requirements: No previous knowledge on Byzantine culture is required. Students are responsible for doing the assigned reading before class and hand in their assignments on time.

Students are expected to abide with the Academic code of the University [link]

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