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Each week before discussion section everyone must think about the questions that are posted here. Over the course of the semester everyone must write 3 critical response papers from the 7 choices posted below. Each set of questions relate to the weekly reading assignments. Critical response papers are to be 500-1000 words in length (roughly 2-4 double-spaced pages). Prompts for the responses are posted within the links below and all papers are to be posted by the relevant deadline under the link for the appropriate week. On weeks when students are not writing critical response papers, the TA will ask for discussion questions based on the readings to be posed in advance of section.

Critical Responses are graded out of 10 points. Points are awarded for 5 criteria:

There will be no critical response for Week 1 (19 September)

Response One (26 September)

Response Two (3 October)

Response Three (11 October)

Response Four (17 October)

Response Five (24 October)

Response Six (31 October)

Response Seven (7 November)

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