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Geophysics Reports
Geophysics report from first survey of John Brown House landscape, May 2008 - Document IconJohn Brown Prelim Geophysics.pdf
Geophysics inset image of area excavated in the 1960s, from May 2008 survey data - Document IconJBH_inset.pdf

Historical Documents

Document IconJohn_Brown_Letter0001.pdf

Document IconJBH_Census&Taxes0001.pdf

Document IconJBs_House_Description0001.pdf

Document IconJohn_Brown_Estate0001.pdf

Document IconMaps&Images0001.pdf

Document IconProJo_Oct80001.pdf

Document IconLineage_of_Brothers0001.pdf

Document IconProJo_Oct130001.pdf

Link to historical images [link]

Excavation and Survey Maps

Note: The location of these units are approxiamate - Total Station Map will show precise unit positions.

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Other References

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