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ARCH1900 The Archaeology of College Hill

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Instructor: Linda Gosner (
      Office Hours: Monday 2-3 pm, Wednesday 9-10 am (and by appointment), Rhode Island Hall Graduate Studio

Teaching Assistant: Andrew Dufton (
     Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2pm, Thursday 1-2pm, Rhode Island Hall Graduate Studio

Time: Mondays 3-5:20 pm (class), Wednesday 8-9 am (section)

Locations: Quiet Green (excavation), Carriage House at 137 Waterman St. (lab), Rhode Island Hall 108 (section)

The goals of this course are twofold: to introduce students to the basics of archaeological field methods, and to understand historical archaeology through active research and fieldwork on the Brown University campus. Students will learn all basic components of field archaeology including project planning, survey and mapping, excavation, drawing and recording, photography, artifact analysis, and data management. Through readings, discussion, and independent research, students will also become familiar with archaeological interpretation, documentary and museum research, and public presentation. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid foundation for participation in archaeological field projects in the US and elsewhere.

The course, Archaeology of College Hill, has a long history of conducting excavations in and around Brown’s campus. Previously, students have excavated off-campus at the First Baptist Church and the John Brown House. Last year, excavations moved to campus, where students investigated the history of student life on the Quiet Green through an excavation outside of Hope College Dormitory. This year, as part of Brown’s 250th anniversary celebration, we will continue to excavate on the Quiet Green, this time exploring the life of the first presidents of Brown University through a survey and excavation at the former location of the first president’s house. Our excavations, blog, and presentations will be some of many exciting 250th anniversary activities on campus. 

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