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Welcome to the Brown Bag Series in Archaeology!

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The Brown Bag series is intended to stimulate the sharing and discussion of current work in archaeology undertaken by graduate students and faculty at Brown University and nearby institutions. Speakers give presentations on their current archaeological interests or research and take questions from the audience in an informal setting. The development and maturation of ideas is the goal, and anyone interested in archaeology is invited to attend. Lunch will be provided, so please come, eat, and enjoy the experience!

Thursdays 12-1 PM

Room 108 at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World

(Rhode Island Hall, 60 George Street)

Questions or comments can be sent to Diana Richardson [email] 

Want to continue the discussion? Please do so here: Discussion Forum

Spring 2014

February 6

Susan Curry (Program in Early Cultures, Brown University)
What DOES the Fox Say? Animal Sounds and Significance in Greco-Roman Culture

February 13

Julia Troche (Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies, Brown University)
The so-called 'pilgrim grooves' at the Temple of Ptah, Karnak

February 20

Beatriz Marín Aguilera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Mapping domestic space in South Etruria: materiality, identity and the emergence of privacy (9th to 7th century BC)

February 27: No Brown Bag

March 6

Christina Williamson (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Landscapes of Authority at Pergamon in the Hellenistic Period

March 20

Linda Gosner (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Mining Matters: Rural Communities and Industrial Landscapes in Roman Iberia

April 3: No Brown Bag

April 10: No Brown Bag

April 17

Müge Durusu (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Occupy Hattusa: Thinking about the 99% in Hittite Anatolia and North Syria

May 1

Katherine Harrington (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Home Economics 101: An Introduction to Domestic Production and Household Industry in Classical and Hellenistic Greece

Fall 2013

September 19

Sarah Craft (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
A Smattering of Saints: Early Christian Cult at Seleukeia

September 26

Ian Straughn (Joukowsky Family Librarian)
Islamic Archaeology as Mediterranean Archaeology: a losing proposition?

October 3

Alicia Jiménez (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Uncomfortably Provincial? Concepts of Province in Roman Archaeology

October 17

Corisande Fenwick (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)
Experiencing Empire: Archaeology and the Arab conquest of North Africa

October 24

Paula Falcão Argôlo (Visiting Research Fellow, Joukowsky Institute)
Putting the Little Ones into Context: Children's Mortuary Record and the Production of Funerary Space in Classical Athens

October 31

Jean Bauer (Digital Humanities Librarian, Brown University)
Mapping Networks and Networking Maps: Digital Methods for Tracing People Through Time and Space

November 7

Carlos Cañete (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid)
In No Man's Land: Blurred Boundaries Between Colony and Metropolis in 19th Century Mediterranean Anthropology

November 14


November 21

Ralf Bockmann (German Archaeological Institute, Rome Department)


Christoph Bachhuber (The Center for Area Studies/Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, The Free University of Berlin)
Foreign Appropriations of the Past at Zincirli in Southeastern Turkey from the Iron Age to the Present

December 5

James R. Kellner (Environmental Change Initiative, Brown University)
Environmental Remote Sensing for Large-Scale Analysis of Human and Natural Systems

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