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  • The City and Urban Life, Jan Rogozinski, ed. M.E. Sharpe.

Articles: “Antinoöpolis”, “Busiris”, “Edfu”, “Gortyn”, “Hermopolis”, “El-Mahala el-Kubra”, “El-Mansura”, “Megara”, “Priene”, “Qena”, “Qift”, and “Sebennytos”

  • Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World, Peter Bogucki, ed. Facts on File.

Articles: “Ceramics and Pottery”, “Crafts”, “Ships and Shipbuilding”, and “Textiles”

  • Handbook of the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

Articles: “Aphrodite”, “Medallion of Aphrodite and Eros”, "Winged Isis Pectoral", and "Portrait of a Woman"

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