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Interesting Links

This page is a forum for anyone in the class to link to articles, etc, that might be of interest to everyone. It's important to post only links, not to upload pdfs: that would be a copyright violation. Post away, and feel free to comment on posts! (Please put a short description of what it is to entice people as well as a link.)

Posted at Aug 31/2011 08:23PM:
Prof. B: Recent NYTimes article about pushing the date back for the earliest Acheulean tools (think stone hand-axes, before homo sapiens). Check out how they dated them and think about how much confidence you feel in that dating.

Posted at Sep 06/2011 03:26PM:
Prof. B: The "official letter" denying tenure to Indiana Jones. Very funny! [link]

Posted at Oct 05/2011 01:52PM:
L. Bestock: This is fantastic! NYTimes front page about Vladimir Putin "discovering" pots in an underwater dig. I hadn't heard about it prior to this refutation. The mashup of politics and archaeology and misrepresentation in this situation is priceless. NYTimes Putin in a wetsuit

Posted at Oct 06/2011 02:53PM:
L. Bestock: An interesting piece about nationalism and Israeli archaeology. [link]

Posted at Nov 19/2011 12:33PM:
dan rome: Interesting article on the early hominid debate:

Posted at Dec 07/2011 08:24PM:
Chase Shaffar-Roggeveen:

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