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ARCH0600 -- The Muslim World in Archaeological Perspectives

aka: Introduction to Islamic Archaeology

MWF 12:00-12:50 RI HALL 008

Instructor: Ian Straughn
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Office Hours: Mondays 1-3pm (and by appointment)
My office is located in The Joukowsky Institute, Room 207, RI Hall

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The Aleppo citadel

Course Abstract

Muslim societies are built upon a rich archaeological heritage that spans a region from Spain to China. Since the spread of Islam in the 7th century, its legacy of cities, monuments, and artifacts trace more than a millennium of cultural transformations among the various peoples and traditions of the Mediterranean, Middle East and beyond. Through discussion of major sites and hands on work with a collection of artifacts this course explores that heritage for what it can tell us about the social practices and historical processes that have formed the Muslim world.

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