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ARCH1200H: Islamic Landscapes
Muslim society has spread from Spain to China and this course explores just what that looks like. How does the landscape, the physical and imagined spaces in which Muslims dwell, serve as a lens into the culture, politics and religions of the Islamic world?

From the course catalogue:

This course will examine the built environments of the Islamic Period Middle East through the growing archaeological and historical record of its cities, peripheries and monuments. How has the landscape of this region become transformed under by its relationship with a dynamic Islamic tradition? Key issues examined are the notion of the 'Islamic city', sacred space, and the spatiality of Muslim/non-Muslim relations.

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Instructor: Ian Straughn Who is this? contact me via email

Office Hours: Thursday 10-12 (and by appointment)

My office is located in The Joukowsky Instutute, Room 309, 70 Waterman

Class time and place: T/th 2:30-3:50 in Wilson 203


Book Buying for this course:

The following books will be on order at the Brown bookstore but may be cheaper on-line.

D. Fairchild-Ruggles – Islamic Gardens and Landscapes
I. Bierman –Writing Signs: The Fatimid Public Text (also available as an ebook)
Abdelrahman Munif – Cities of Salt
Shahadeh – Palestinian Walks
Rory Stewart – The Places in between

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