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Lectures and Workshops 2012/13

Uploaded Image Robert W. Chapman (University of Reading)
'Mediterranean Prehistory from the Periphery' November 28, 2012

Uploaded Image A. Bernard Knapp (University of Glasgow)
'Materiality, Identity and Connectivity in the Prehistoric Mediterranean' November 19, 2012

Uploaded Image Corinna Riva (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
'The Origins of Urban Etruria between Rome and Colonization' November 7, 2012

Uploaded Image Tesse D. Stek (Leiden University)
'State Organization and Cult Places in Latin Colonies' October 11, 2012

Uploaded Image Curtis Runnels and Chad DiGregorio † (Boston University)
'An Acheulean Assemblage from Crete and Its Implications for the Palaeolithic of the Aegean Islands' October 3, 2012

Lectures and Workshops 2011/12

Uploaded Image Benjamin Porter (University of California, Berkeley)
'Assembling Resilience on the Fertile Crescent's Margins' March 5, 2012

Uploaded Image Emily Hammer (Harvard University)
'Pastoral Nomadism and Modification of 'Peripheral' Landscapes in the Middle East' February 29, 2012

Uploaded Image Matthew P. Canepa (University of Minnesota)
'The Transformation of Persia and the Ancient Iranian World: Archaeologies of Rupture and Renovation' February 22, 2012

Uploaded Image Felipe Rojas (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology)
'Gergas, Nannas, Semiramis: Picturing the Past in Roman Asia Minor ' February 16, 2012

Uploaded Image Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania)
'The Life and Afterlife of Constantine's Column' November 10, 2011

Uploaded Image Peter van Dommelen (University of Glasgow)
'Rural Connections: Migration, Technology and Agrarian Production in the Classical Mediterranean' November 8, 2011

Uploaded Image Nathan Arrington (Princeton University)
'Heroes, Generals, and the War Dead in Fifth-Century Athens' September 29, 2011

Past Lectures

[Archaeological Survey in the Land of Medea]

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