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Ömür Harmansah

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Ömür Harmansah --> Who is this?
Visiting Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Joukowsky Institute of Archaeology and the Ancient World
Brown University

Meets Mon-Wed-Fri 12:00-12:50 (The so-called E-hour). Place: Salomon Center Room 203
Office Hours: Tuesday 10-12 am. (walk-in. Other times of the week: by appointment)
Ömür's Office: Joukowsky Instutute (70 Waterman St.) Room 202
E-mail him Call him: 401-863-6411
Read his webpage or wiki

This course offers an analytical (not comprehensive) survey of the social and cultural history of the Near East, tracing the variety of cultural developments in the region from prehistory to the end of the Iron age (ca. 300 BC). Both archaeological evidence and textual sources are examined as relevant. The material culture and social practices of Mesopotamian societies constitute the main focus of the course... Read the full Course Description.

Download printer friendly syllabus here: Document IconMesopotamia.pdf

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