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JIAAW in action at: Petra, Jordan; Yildiz Tepe, Turkey; Abydos, Egypt; and Montserrat, West Indies


New England Graduate Archaeology Workshop

At The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University

Saturday November 13th, 2010

In the North East, there are a number of universities which excel in archaeological teaching and research. There is, however, a surprisingly small degree of interaction between the graduate communities at these various centers of research. Intensified academic networks between graduate students in archaeology and will foster the development of both intellectual and professional contacts and the sharing of resources in an increasingly competitive research and employment environment. The graduate students of the Joukowsky Institute of Archaeology and the Ancient World will be holding a in Providence in November 2009, with the aim of encouraging dialogue between students, exchanging ideas, developing networks and collaborating in the sharings of resources. The structure of the workshop will be very informal (please see the SCHEDULE).

It is hoped that this workshop will be an effective first step in establishing workable contacts between the participating communities. Following the success of a similiar local meeting last fall, this gathering extends the invitation to graduate institutions in the greater North East area. It is hoped that, in future years, other such workshops, involving different configurations of schools, will be possible, to maintain and further develop contacts, and enhance the quality of graduate-level archaeological research undertaken in the northeastern United States.

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