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Greek Palaeography and Book Culture (4th-16th c. CE):

A provisional and (on several subjects) selective Bibliography


Stratis Papaioannou


with special thanks to, and contributions by,

Nadezdha Kavrus-Hoffmann, Niels Gaul, and Foteini Spingou


Send suggestions and/or remarks at:


Ὁ γραμμάτων ἄ¹ειρος οὐ βλέ¹ει βλέ¹ων

Μένανδρος, Γνῶμαι


1. Introduction


Greek Palaeography : The history of ancient Greek script(s) (¹αλαιά γραφή)

within the diachrony of text-transmission

and the synchrony of book culture (technologies, contexts, agents)


ca. 60.000(?) Greek manuscripts

* Richard, M. (1995) RŽpertoire des bibliothques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs, 3rd. Edition, ed. J.-M. Olivier (Turnhout). (supplement in preparation)

Pinakes: Textes et manuscrits grecs (Institut de recherche et dÕhistoire des textes; Paris) :         


Mediterranean Book Culture

Ipert, S. and B. Marty (eds.) (2005) Les trŽsors manuscrits de la MŽditerranŽe (Dijon).


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DŽroche, F. (2000) Manuel de codicologie des manuscrits en Žcriture arabe (Paris). [available also in English trans.: 2005]

DŽroche. F. (2005) Le livre manuscrit arabe. Preludes ˆ une histoire (Paris).


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Sirat, C. (2002) Hebrew Manuscripts of the Middle Ages (ed. and trans. by N. de Lange; Cambridge, U.K. and New York).


see also the following:

as well as this impressive exhibition:


History of the Discipline

Pal¾ographia Gr¾ca, sive De ortu et progressu literarum Gr¾carum, et de variis omnium s¾culorum scriptionis Gr¾c¾ generibus: itemque de abbreviationibus & de notis variarum atrium ac disciplinarum. Additis figuris & schematibus ad fidem manuscriptorum codicum. Opera & studio D. Bernardi de Montfaucon, sacerdotis & monachi Benedictini  congregatione Sancti Mauri É (Paris 1708).

Mabillon, J (1681) De re diplomatica (Paris).

* Gardthausen, V. (1879) Griechische Palaeographie (Leipzig).


Manuals, Handbooks, Brief Introductions

* Thompson, E. M. (1912) An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography (Oxford).

Van Groningen, B. A. (1963) Short Manual of Greek Palaeography (Leiden).

* Hunger, H. (1961) ÒGriechische PalŠographie,Ó in H. Hunter (ed.), Geschichte der TextŸberlieferung der antiken und mittelalterlichen Literatur (Zurich) 72–107.

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Mioni, E. (1973) Introduzione alla paleografia greca (Padua). Also in updated Modern Greek translation: Εἰσαγωγὴ στὴν ἑλληνικὴ ¹αλαιογραφία (trans. N. M. Panagiotakis; Athens 2004; 2nd ed.).

* Wilson, N. (1973) Mediaeval Greek Bookhands: Examples Selected from Greek Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries (Cambridge, Mass.).

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* Crisci, E. and P. Degni (2011) La scrittura greca dallÕantichitˆ allÕepoca della stampa: una introduzione (Rome).


Palaeography Journals

Scriptorium (Brussels, 1946–). Contains the ÒBulletin codicologique,Ó the only regularly updated bibliography specializing in palaeography and codicology (since 1959). The website,, offers an online search option for manuscripts mentioned in the ÒBulletinÓ (currently up to 2004).

LÕAnnŽe philologique                                      Byzantinische Zeitschrift = BZ

Revue des Žtudes byzantines = REB                 

Manuscripta                                                     Segno e Testo

RSBN= Rivista di studi bizantini e neoellenici Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata

Nea Rh™m: rivista di ricerche bizantinistiche Revue dÕhistoire des textes (Paris, 1971–)

Codices manuscripti (Vienna, 1975–)              Scrittura e Civiltˆ = S&C (Rome, 1977–)

Gazette du livre medieval (Paris, 1982-)


Most journals devoted to Classics and Byzantine Studies (GRBS, J…B) also publish articles related to questions of Greek palaeography, codicology, and textual criticism. Of particular importance is the palaeographical section of the bibliography annually published in the BZ; cf. also the Byzantine Zeitschrift online-bibliography.


Websites (Pyle: A gateway to Greek Manuscripts)

            (provides mss. catalogues, facsimiles [including Lake and Lake], books/articles) : ComitŽ International de PalŽographie Grecque (CIPG) : Associazione Italiana dei Paleografi e Diplomatisti (provides up-to-date bibliographies of most Italian palaeographers)


Digitized mss.

            (perhaps the best list of lists: digitized library catalogues and digitized mss. available on-line)

            (with lists of digitized library catalogues and digitized mss. available on-line in English) (another list of digitized mss.) (Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: in various languages, including Greek mss. from England, Munich, Chicago, etc.)

The Digital Scriptorium: (Ògrowing image database of medieval and renaissance manuscriptsÓ)

Cf. various sites listed also below.



Lake, K. and S. Lake (eds.) (1934-39) Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200 (Boston). 10 volumes

      Partially on line at:

Follieri, E. (1969) Codices Greaci Bibliothecae Vaticanae selecti (Vatican City).

Voicu, S. J. and S. DÕAlisera (1981) I. MA. G. E. S. Index in manuscriptorum Graecorum edita specimina (Rome). Exhaustive bibliographu of reproductions of Greek MSS (up to 1981).

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(3) * Cavallo, G. de Gregorio, and M. Maniaci (eds.) (1991) Scritture, libri e testi nelle aree provinciali di Bisanzio. Atti del seminario di Erice, 18–25 settembre 1988, Biblioteca del ÇCentro per il collegamento degli studi medievali eumanistici nellÕUniversitˆ di Perugia È 5 (Spoleto).

(4) Oxford 1993 [no full proceedings were published; four art historical papers: Word & Image 10 (1996)].

(5) Prato, G. (ed.) (2000) I manoscritti greci tra riflessione e debattito. Atti del V Colloquio Internazionale di Paleografia Greca, Cremona, 4–10 ottobre 1998, 3 vols. (Florence).

(6) Atsalos, B. and N. Tsirone (2008) Πρακτικά του ΣΤÕ Διεθνούς Συμ¹οσίου Ελληνικής Παλαιογραφίας (Δράμα, 21-27 Σε¹τεμβρίου 2003) (Athens).

(7) Garc’a, A. B., I. PŽrez-Mart’n, and J. S. Codo–er (eds.) (2010) The Legacy of Bernard de Montfaucon: Three Hundred Years of Studies on Greek Handwriting. Proceedings of the Seventh International Colloquium of Greek Palaeography (Madrid - Salamanca, 15 - 20 September 2008) (Turnhout).

(8) VIIIeme Colloque International de PalŽographie Grecque (2013): Griechische Handschriften: gestern, heute und morgen (Hamburg)


Sub-disciplines and Related Disciplines


* Hickey, T. (2008) ÒPapyrology,Ó in Oxford Handbook of Byzantine Studies (New York) 115-128.

* Bagnall, R. S. (2009) The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (Oxford).


For a very useful website (one out of many!), see:




Maniaci, M. (with contr. by C. Federici and E. Ornato) (2002) Archeologia del manoscritto: metodi, problemi, bibliografia recente (Rome).

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Agati, M. L. (2009) Il libro manoscritto da Oriente a Occidente: per una codicologia comparata (Rome). (includes material on the codicology of Hebrew, Islamic, Coptic and Ethiopian, Armenian, Georgian, Slavic, and Syriac manuscripts)

Crisci, E., M. Maniaci, and P. Orsini (2010) La descrizione dei manoscritti : esperienze a confronto (Cassino)

* Agati, M. L. (2011) ÒΚωδικολογία. Σύγχρονες Κατευθύνσεις και Νέα Ορια,Ó Βυζαντινὰ Σύμμεικτα 21: 195-216.



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Monastic Documents from Mt. Athos and Patmos:




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The Historical Context

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Early Byzantium / Late Antiquity

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Middle and Late Byzantine Period

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2. Early Byzantine Greek Book-hands



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Biblical Majuscule: maiuscola biblica

Cavallo, G. (1967) Ricerche sulla maiuscola biblica (Florence). — Cf. the reviews by P. Canart (1970) Byzantion 40: 218–225; J. Irigoin (1970) Scriptorium 24: 67–74; P. J. Parsons (1970) Gnomon 42: 375–380; N. G. Wilson (1971) JEA 57: 238–240.

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(2) Codex Sinaiticus (London, British Library, ms Add[itional] 43725; Leipzig, UniversitŠtsbibliothek, ms gr. 1 [Codex Friderico-Augustanus]; St Petersburg, Publichnaja Biblioteka, ms gr. 259. ms gr. 2, ms O. 156, ms. gr. 843; Mt Sinai (since 1975)) facs.: Lake, H. and K. Lake (eds.) (1922) Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus et Friderico-Augustanus Lipsiensis. The Old Testament É reproduced in facsimile (Oxford).

For information on a current project to digitally reunite the scattered codex cf.


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Nomina Sacra

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Beyond the maiuscola biblica: Majuscule scripts 5th to early 11th c.


The so-called ÒAlexandrianÓ Majuscule

Irigoin, J. (1959) ÒLÕonciale grecque de type copte,Ó J…BG 8: 29–51.

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(6) Codex Marchalianus (Vaticanus graecus 2125; 6th c.: : the Prophets)

facs.: I. Cozza-Luzzi, Prophetarum codex Graecus Vaticanus 2125 É phototypice editus (Rome 1890).

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The ÒOgival MajusculeÓ

— ÔTiltedÕ: Lameere, W. (1960) Aperus de palŽographie homŽrique (Paris) 177–181.

— ÔPerpendicularÕ: * Crisci, E. (1985) ÒLa maiuscola ogivale diritta. Origini, tipologie, dislocazioni,Ó S&C 9: 103–145.

— ÔLiturgicalÕ


Later Forms

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Majuscule ornamental heading scripts

Kresten, O. (1966) ÒDiplomatische Auszeichnungsschriften in SpŠtantike und Fruhmittelalter,Ó Mitteilungen des Instituts fŸr …sterreichische Geschichtsforschung 74: 1–50.

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3. Post-classical Greek Books: Objects and Contexts



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A. From the volumen to the codex

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Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea Maritima, capital of Palestina I (c. 260-339/340), Life of Constantine, ed. F. Winkelmann (1975). Book 4.36-37:

Νικητὴς Κωνσταντῖνος Μέγιστος Σεβαστὸς Εὐσεβίῳ

. . . ¹ρέ¹ον γὰρ κατεφάνη τοῦτο δηλῶσαι τῇ σῇ συνέσει, ὅ¹ως ἂν ¹εντήκοντα σωμάτια ἐν διφθέραις ἐγκατασκεύοις εὐανάγνωστά τε καὶ ¹ρὸς τὴν χρῆσιν εὐμετακόμιστα ὑ¹ὸ τεχνιτῶν καλλιγράφων καὶ ἀκριβῶς τὴν τέχνην ἐ¹ισταμένων γραφῆναι κελεύσειας, τῶν θείων δηλαδὴ γραφῶν, ὧν μάλιστα τήν τÕ ἐ¹ισκευὴν καὶ τὴν χρῆσιν τῷ τῆς ἐκκλησίας λόγῳ ἀναγκαίαν εἶναι γινώσκεις. . . . Ταῦτα μὲν οὖν βασιλεὺς διεκελεύετο. αὐτίκα δÕ ἔργον ἐ¹ηκολούθει τῷ λόγῳ, ἐν ¹ολυτελῶς ἠσκημένοις τεύχεσι


B. Book production

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Ruling Systems

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Printed Book

Venice & Aldo Manuzio

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ÔByzantineÕ vs. Erasmian pronunciation

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For an excellent digitized collection of Greek books (including some early ones), see the Greek Digital Bibliography 15th-20th century, at:



C. Writing and Reading Practices

Greco-Roman World

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Early Byzantium

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Byzantium (in general, with an emphasis in the later periods)

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D. Schools

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Manuscripts in educational contexts?

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E. Libraries

Greco-Roman World

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Monastic libraries

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* Monastic typika:


Sinai, Monastery of St. Catherine

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Monastery of Stoudios

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Mt. Athos Monasteries

Athos Project, EIE:

* Lamberz, E. (2006) Katalog der griechischen Handschriften des Athosklosters Vatopedi 1: Codices 1-102 (Thessaloniki). (includes CD with 374 high-quality color digital images)

Cf. also:

            (the catalogues by Lampros, digitized)  (The Pantokratoros Library: catalogue and some sample ms. images)



Patmos project, EIE:

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Leimonos Monastery, Lesbos


especially important: Μορφωτικό Ίδρυμα της Εθνικής Τρα¹έζης, Ιστορικό και Παλαιογραφικό Αρχείο



Western European Collections


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The following Greek mss. at Paris are available on-line:

9, 22, 35, 40, 49, 83, 102, 107, 164, 216, 243, 277, 375, 388, 437, 451, 492, 510, 741, 781, 923, 1122, 1128, 1386, 1388, 1402, 1407, 1535, 1550, 1639, 1671, 1685, 1741, 1759, 1767, 1776, 1807, 1853, 1909, 1962, 2003, 2012, 2036, 2179, 2186, 2187, 2261, 2289, 2334, 2389, 2442, 2465, 2556, 2558, 2700, 2703, 2705, 2706, 2712, 2713, 2736, 2737, 2742, 2795, 2809, 2850, 2865, 2868, 2902, 2929, 2934, 2971, 2983, 2999, 3094 ; supplŽment grec 243, 256, 384, 445, 571A, 630-632, 634, 667, 732, 853, 856, 1094, 1189, 1295 ; Coislin 1, 79, 291, 35



Oxford (Bodleian)    High resolution digital images of select Byzantine manuscripts

Cataldi Palau, A. (2011) A Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts from the Meerman Collection in the Bodleian Library (Oxford).


British Library : (more than a 1000 Greek mss. and more than 3000   papyri)                       British Library Digitised Manuscripts


Heidelberg, Codices Palatini graeci


Biblioteca Nacional de Espa–a


Athens, Εθνική βιβλιοθήκη, κατάλογοι:



* Richard, M. (1995) RŽpertoire des bibliothques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs 3rd. Edition, ed. J.-M. Olivier (Turnhout).


Printed catalogues on-line:

4. ÔFormalÕ / Calligraphic minuscule bookhands


The Historical Context

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Arabic, Syriac, Greek

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Constantinopolitan scholars

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Palimpsests       (Rinascimento Virtuale / Digitale Palimpsestforschung: A project for the rediscovery and dissemination of Greek palimpsests)

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Gruskov‡, J. (2010) Untersuchungen zu den griechischen Palimpsesten der …sterreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Codices Historici Codices Philosophici et Philogici Codices Iuridici (Vienna). Cf.



The Script

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Lake, K. and S. Lake (eds.) (1934-39) Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200 (Boston). 10 volumes of facsimiles The largest collection of Greek manuscript facsimiles. The plates are loose bound and well made.


An important discussion: Per la datazione e la localizzazione delle scritture greche, esp. Wilson, N. G. (2000) ÒThe Interpretation of Scribal Habits,Ó I manoscritti greci tra riflessione e debattito (Florence) 671-710: 685-688.


General accounts

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Origins of minuscule scripts

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Comprehensive discussions of early minuscule bookhands

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The regions of early minuscule

a. Palestine & Syria: Egypt/Sinai/Palestine: Documentary Hands>Bookscript (cf. Vat. gr. 2200)

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b. Constantinople: Calligraphic Constantinopolitan Minuscule (introduced by former members of state bureaucracy?): Use for all non-liturgical texts, whether Christian or ÒprofaneÓ texts; majuscule continues to be used for liturgical books, especially lectionaries into the first half of the 11th c.

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— the Stoudiou monastery: Studite minuscule (Nikolaos style?): (cf. Petr. gr. 219: a. 835; Vat. gr. 2079, Homilies); vertical script or slightly inclined to the left

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5. Text Transmission



Pinakes : Textes et manuscrits grecs :


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Series: Arbeiten zur neutestamentlichen Textforschung

Websites:      The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (digitized images)

Institute for New Testament Textual Research (University of MŸnster)


A special case: Pericope Adulterae (John 7.53-8.11)

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Patristic Rhetoric and Hagiography

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John of Damascus

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Symeon MetaphrastesÕ Menologion

Besides Ehrhard (above), see: H¿gel, C. (2002) Symeon Metaphrastes: Rewriting and canonization (Copenhagen).


Euchologia: e.g. Paris, B.N. Coislin 213 (dated to 1027; property of the presbyter Strategios, a priest at St. Sophia in Constantinople; patriarchal typikon?); also Grottaferrata gr. Γ.β. 1 (11th-12th c.), labelled "Bessarion."


Classical Greek texts


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Authors (a mere selection)


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                        (Teuchos – Zentrum fŸr Handschriften- und Textforschung):   Aristoteles Graecus

An important ms.:

Parisinus gr. 1741: AristotleÕs Rhetoric and Poetics. The ms. also contains DemetriusÕ On Style, the rhetorician Menander, and a few other theoreticians of the Roman Greek period such as Dionysius of Halicarnassus (On Composition) and Longinus (Art of Rhetoric); for a description see Harlfinger, D. and D. Reinsch (1970) ÒDie Aristotelica des Parisinus Gr. 1741,Ó Philologus 114: 28-50. and Irigoin, J. (1997) Tradition et critique des textes grecs (Paris) 171-182.



cf. Joyal, M. The Platonic Textual Tradition: A Bibliography, available on-line

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Roman Greek Writing

Ailios Aristides


Medieval Greek texts

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Byzantine Rhetoric

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Legal Texts

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Medical mss.

Greek Medical Manuscripts: A database of the manuscripts in DielsÕ catalogue (1905-1908):

Ἰατρικὰ Βυζαντινὰ χειρόγραφα (Athens, 1995).

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Musical mss.

Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae (with online inventory):

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6. Ninth century minuscule scripts continued


Philosophical Collection(s), 9th c., 2nd/3rd quarter

            18 mss., 3 groups (A. Aristotle; B. Plato/Neoplatonic; C. Patristic)

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Includes: Paris. gr. 1807 (Plato); available on-line at:




ArethasÕ library (ca. 850– ? 943; archbishop of Caesarea from 902)

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Seven surviving volumes, ca. 888–post 932:

888: Stephanos klerikos, Oxford, Bodleian, DÕOrville 301 (Euclid; 14 gold coins)

895: Ioannes the calligrapher, Oxford, Bodleian, E. D. Clarke 39 (24 dialogues of Plato minus the Republic, Laws, and Timaeus; 21 gold coins)

Allen, T. W. Plato, Codex Oxoniensis Clarkiamus 39, Phototypice Editus 2 vols (Codices Graeci et Latini Photographice Depicti III; Leiden: Sijthoff, 1898-1899). Cf.:

895–901: Gregory, sub-deacon, Vatican, Urb. gr. 25 (AristotleÕs Organon; 6 coins for the parchment);

906/907: Ioannes the calligrapher, Laur. 60.3 and Paris. gr. 2951 (Aelios Aristides)

913/914: Baanes (RGK 1 B 30), Paris. gr. 451 (Early Christian authors, especially Clement of Alexandria; 26 gold coins)

also: Baanes (RGK 1 B 30), Lond. Harl. 5694 (Lucian).





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- κάλαμος μ᾽ ἔγραψε, δεξιὰ χεὶρ καὶ γόνυ

- ὥσ¹ερ ξένοι χαίρουσιν ἰδεῖν ¹ατρίδα / οὕτως καὶ οἱ γράφοντες βιβλίου τέλος


RGK     * Repertorium der griechischen Kopisten 800-1600 (Vienna: Verlag der …sterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1981-) Part 1, Handschriften aus Bibliotheken Grossbritanniens (1981)

A. Verzeichnis der Kopisten / erstellt von Ernst Gamillscheg und Dieter Harlfinger.

B. PalŠographische Charakteristika / erstellt von Herbert Hunger.

C. Tafeln

Part 2, Handschriften aus Bibliotheken Frankreichs und NachtrŠge zu den Bibliotheken Grossbritanniens. A. Verzeichnis der Kopisten / erstellt von Ernst Gamillscheg und Dieter Harlfinger. B. PalŠographische Charakteristika / erstellt von Herbert Hunger. C. Tafeln.        

Part 3, Handschriften aus Bibliotheken Roms mit dem Vatikan (1997)

A. Verzeichnis der Kopisten / erstellt von Ernst Gamillscheg. B. PalŠographische Charakteristika / erstellt von Herbert Hunger. C. Tafeln.

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7. The Illustrated Book


Late antiquity (3rd-8th c.)



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Important Examples

(1) ÒVienna DioscoridesÓ (Vindobonensis medicus graecus 1) facs.: Gerstinger, H. (ed.) (1970) Dioscurides. Codex Vindobonensismed. gr. 1 der …sterreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Facsimile mit Kommentar (Graz) [for a history of the codex, cf. the commentary volume]. Also: (1906) Codex Aniciae Iulianae picturis illustratus : nunc Vindobonensis Med. Gr. I. phototypice editus (Leiden).

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For the Dioscorides tradition, see further:!__introduccion---indice


(2) codex Rossanensis (purple codex)

Cavallo, G., J. Gribomont, and W. C. Loerke (eds.) (1985–87) Codex Purpureus Rossanensis,. Codices mirabiles 1; Codices selecti 81, 2 vols (Rome and Graz), especially G. Cavallo, Il codice purpureo di Rossano: libro, oggetto, simbolo / The Purple Codex of Rossano: Book, Object, Symbol, in: ibid. 3–41.

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Middle and Late Byzantium (ca. 9th-15th )



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Other Liturgical and Devotional Books


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Literature (?) and Science

Barlaam and Joasaph

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The Bulgarian Manasses

Vaticanus slav. 2: 69 miniatures, dating to 1344-45

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Fables and ÒFringeÓ Literature

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Ps.-Oppian (early 3rd c.)

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The Alexander Romance

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Αρχείο του Ελληνικού Ινστιτούτου Βενετίας:



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8. Calligraphic Scripts 10th-12th ce.



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9. Scriptoria (?): 9th – 12th centuries

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St. Prodromos/Petra

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10. Provinces: 9th – 15th centuries

Asia Minor

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Mt. Sinai

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Byzantine Southern Italy

Calabria (Otranto, Capua, Rossano), Sicily (Palermo), near Rome (Grottaferrata)



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Cf. further on Grottaferrata

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- Reggio style (12th c.)

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            Cf. Columbia, Plimpton MS 2


- Madrid Skylitzes (1130s or 1140s)

* Wilson, N. G. (1978) ÒThe Madrid Scylitzes,Ó S&C 2: 209-219.




(from 965, firmly under Byz. rule – 1191: Richard I Lionheart occupies the island; 1192: Richard sells Cyprus to the Knights of the Temple > Guy de Lusignan; 1473: Republic of Venice; 1570: Ottomans)


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Cyprus/Syria/Palestine: mid-11th-mid-13th c.

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Cf. Chicago-Karahissar style (olim: Decorative Style, ÒFamily 2400,Ó ÒNicaea SchoolÓ)

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Not all mss. painted in the ÒKarahissarÓ style, are also written in the epsilon style; cf. Columbia, Plimpton MS 9 (fragment, 2 folios, of Barlaam and Ioasaph); late 11th, early 12th c. = Ioannina, Zosimaia School Library (Cod. 1), 141 ff., and Cambridge University Library (MS Add. 4491, 14 folios).

11. καλλιγραφεῖν vs. ταχυγραφεῖν ?

Variations of the Formal styles:

Individual/ÓInformalÓ/ÓScholarlyÓ (?) Hands


10th century

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- Venetus A= Marcianus 454



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- London, British Library Add. 36749 (parchment; 10th c., first half)

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Anonymous Professor (ca. 870—ca. 945; 122 letters); cf. Markopoulos, A. (ed.) (2000) Anonymi Professoris Epistulae (Berlin) 22*-25*.


- Florence, Laur. plut. 70.3: Herodotus

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- Palatine Anthology = Anthologia Graeca (ed. Beckby) : now 2 mss. : Heidelberg, Pal. gr. 23 and Paris. suppl. gr. 384. For the main ms. cf. (Heidelberg, Codices Palatini graeci, several digitized MSS)

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Two manuscripts of Ps.-NonnosÕ commentaries are accompanied by illustrations: Jerusalem, Taphou 14 (11th c., second half) and Vaticanus gr. 1947 (12th c.);

cf. Weitzmann, K. (1984) Greek Mythology in Byzantine Art (Princeton) 6-92.

and Vokotopoulos, P. L. (2002) Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem; translated from the Greek by Deborah M. Whitehouse (Athens).


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For another contemporary DemosthenesÕ ms. cf. Paris, gr. 2934

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12. After 1204


The Historical Context

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The Script



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Calligraphic Scripts

Archaizing formal minuscule hands

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The Palaiologina Group

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Theodore Hagiopetrites (end of 13th – early 14th c.): small, vertical, somewhat static archaizing minuscule; some letters are slightly enlarged; and a high percentage of reintroduced majuscule forms

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      cf. Columbia Univ., Med/Ren Frag. 49 (fragment of the Gospel of Matthew)


Secular mss. in archaizing styles

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Metochitesstil, especially Michael Klostomalles and the imperial scriptorium under Andronikos II (1282–1328)

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            Vat. gr. 1086 (GregorasÕ texts, some of which transcribed by him; his own scholia added throughout)


Μονή τῶν Ὁδηγῶν, ἡ τῆς Θεοτόκου τῆς Ὁδηγήτριας (*Janin, La GŽographie ecclŽsiastique I.3.199-207) (Constantinople, ca. 1320s to early 15th c.)

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e.g. Ioasaph (RGK II 522)

On the persistence of this style into the Post-Byzantine period see:

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The Αrchimedes palimpsest:

Venice, Marc. gr. 265 (early 13th c.):

textus superior: Ioannes Italos, various philosophical treatises (including a treatise On Rhetoric)

textus inferior: Gregory of Nazianzos, 25 Orations : late 9th c.

cf. Arnesano, D. (2011) ÒErmogene e la cerchia erudita. Manoscritti di contenuto retorico in Terra dÕOtranto,Ó in N. Bianci (ed.), La tradizione dei testi greci in Italia meridionale. Filagato da Cerami philosophos e didaskalos. Copisti, lettori, eruditi in Puglia tra XII e XVI secolo (Bari) 95-111 + 16 pl.


Re-use of earlier mss.

Bianconi, D. (2008) ÒLa controversia palamitica. Figure, libri, testi e mani,Ó Segno e Testo 6: 337-376.



To be added É


After 1453

* Harlfinger, D. (1974) Specimina griechischer Kopisten der Renaissance (Berlin).

Ἡ Ἑλληνικὴ γραφὴ κατὰ τοὺς 15ο καὶ 16ο αἰῶνες = The Greek Script in the 15th and 16th Centuries (Διεθνῆ συμ¹όσια 7; Athens 2000).



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Greek Writing in Western Europe

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13. Individual/Informal (?)/Scholarly Hands (post 1204)


13th- early 14th c.

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Galesios, Mount (Turk. Alamandağ): monastic center north of Ephesus (11th – 14th c.)

Halkin, F. (1961) ÒManuscrits Galesiotes,Ó Scriptorium 15: 221–27.


Some important late 13th / early 14th-c. examples:

Oxford, Baroccianus 131 (ca. 1250-1280) (paper); Menander Rhetor, Himerios; BasilakesÕ Progymnasmata, John TzetzesÕ poetry, ManassesÕ Synopsis Chronik, Eumathios MakrembolitesÕ The Story [drama] of Hysmine and Hysminias.

            Letters: Synesios, Michael Choniates, Nikephoros Blemmydes, Theodore Prodromos, (Niketas Magistros), Procopius of Gaza, (Konstantinos Porphyrogennetos), (Theodore of Kyzikos), (Symeon Metaphrastes), Psellos, Michael Italikos, Theophylaktos Simokattes, (Photios), (Basil), Basil and Libanios, Gregory of Nazianzos, Apokaukos


Wilson, N. G. (1978) ÒA Byzantine Miscellany: Ms. Barocci 131 described,Ó Jahrbuch der šsterreichischen Byzantinistik 27: 158-179.

Vatican, gr. 305 (paper ; ca. 1260) (Prodromos)


Escorial, Υ. ii. 10 (several mss.)

            Sideras, A. (2010)ÒDie codices Escur. 265 (Υ II 10) und Marc. XI 22 als †berlieferungszeugen der Lobrede des Gregorios Antiochos an den Patriarchen Basileios Kamateros,Ó Revue dÕhistoire des textes 5: 43-64.

Basel, UB gr. 46 (A. III. 20)

            Schšnauer, S. (2000) ÒZum Eustathios-Codex Basileensis,Ó J…B 50: 231-241.

Florence, Laur. plut. 32.16 (ca. 1280; circle of Planoudes); NonnosÕ Dionysiaka, ApolloniosÕ Argonautika, Hesiod, Oppian, Gregory of NazianzosÕ poetry etc.

Florence, Laur. Conv. Soppr. 627 (Betta-Gamma style)

Venice, Marcianus 524 (ca. 1280 and 1290)

Letters: Arethas, Psellos; 11th- and 12th-century poetry including poems by Theodore Prodromos, Konstantinos Stilbes, and Konstantinos Manasses

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Theodora Palaiologina Rhaoulaina (ca. 1240—1300, Constantinople)

      Vatican, gr. 1899 (Ailios Aristides), copied by her

      Moscow, Historical Museum gr. 3649 (Aristotle, Physics) copied under her supervision; cf. Fonkič, B. L. 1974 (VV 36: 134-138; plate at 137)

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Maximos Planoudes (ca. 1250ca. 1305)

Cf. Vatican, Reg. gr. 132 (autograph; PlanoudesÕ Greek translation of OvidÕs Metamorphoses)

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John Pothos Pediasimos

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Vernacular literature

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14. Textual Criticism



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The History of a ÒScienceÓ

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Brief Biographies of ÒTextual CriticsÓ (e.g. : Erasmus, Estienne, Gregory, Aland):



recensio codicum         collatio (direct and indirect tradition)               eliminatio

            conjunctive and separative errors (variants)

creation of stemma or family tree

vertical and horizontal (contaminatio) transmission


Some Ç rules È :

lectio difficilior             codex optimus 

lectio antiquior                        usus scribendi


Identification of a Text

TLG                             Thesaurus Linguae Graecae:

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Technical Matters

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The Classics

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The Bible

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Byzantine Texts

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Punctuation and Accentuation

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Vernacular Texts

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ÒNew PhilologyÓ

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On various aspects of the medieval miscellany, see now also the 2004 edition of * Segno e testo.

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New Stemmatics

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cf. the ÒPhylogenetic analysis of Gregory of NazianzusÕ Homily 27Ó in


MacŽ, C., C. T. Schmidt, and J .F. Weiler (2001) ÒLe classement des manuscrits par la statistique et la phylogŽnŽtique: le cas de GrŽgoire de Nazianze et de Basile le Minime,Ó Revue dÕhistoire des texts 31: 227-73.


ὥσ¹ερ ξένοι χαίρουσιν ἰδεῖν ¹ατρίδα

οὕτως καὶ οἱ γράφοντες βιβλίου τέλος



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