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Representing the Past Conference 2007

Conference Schedule

Friday, March 16, Smith Buonanno 106

7 pm: keynote address:

David Macaulay: Toying with History

Saturday, March 17, Smith Buonanno Auditorium

Coffee and pastries available: 8:30-9 a.m.

Session 1: Re-Presenting the Past: 9 a.m.-noon (Susan Alcock presiding)


Sheila Bonde and Stephen Houston, organizers (9-9:10)

Sam Smiles (Plymouth University): “Imaging British History - Patriotism, Professional Arts Practice, and the Quest for Precision” (9:15-9:45)

Agnes Hsu (Brown University): “Visualizing the Lost Silk Road: A New Interpretation of Some Paintings from Xinjiang” (9:45-10:15)

Break: 10:45-11:00

Stephen Houston (Brown University): “Virgins, Ping-Pong Balls, Polygons: The Graphic Representation of the Ancient Maya" (11:00-11:30)

Larry Coben (University of Pennsylvania): “Digital Reconstructions, Virtual Reality and Archaeological Representation: A Case Study from Incallajta, Bolivia" (11:30-12:00)

Lunch Break: 12:00-1:30

Session 2: Re-Presenting Architectures and Landscapes, 1:30-5:00 (John Cherry, presiding)

Barbara W. Fash (Peabody Museum, Harvard University): “The Way It Was: Revelations from Nineteenth Century Explorations to Maya Ruins” (1:30-2)

Brad Johnson (Second Storey): "The Theban Mapping Project and the Uses of 3D Reconstructions Online" (2-2:30)

Christopher Witmore (Brown University): "An Optimal Vantage Point on the Material World? On the Properties, Powers. and Pitfalls of Maps" (2:30-3)

Break: 3-3:15

Sheila Bonde (Brown University) and Clark Maines (Wesleyan University): “Re-presenting the Medieval Monastery: From Ordo to Google Earth ” (3:15-3:45)

Diane Favro (UCLA): "Immersive or Subversive? Experimental Archaeology in the Digital Age" (3:45-4:15)

Panel Discussion 4:30-5:00

Reception: 5:00

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