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ARCH2400 - Sacred Space:

Archaeological and Religious Studies


Tuesday 4-6:20
Sayles 104

Instructor: Ian Straughn

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Office Hours: TBA
My office is located in The Joukowsky Instutute, Room 309, 70 Waterman

Course Abstract

Innumerable cultures, past and present, have singled out specific locales and even whole landscapes as powerful vectors for communicating with the divine. This course will analyze such spaces for their ability to transform body, escape the material plane, and reconstitute social relations and bodily practice. Case studies will largely be drawn from the Mediterranean world and will employ an archaeological attention to the materiality of these sacred spaces. Key concepts will include: ritual practice, landscape production, memory and agency.

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Some Practical Matters

  • The readings on reserve are frequently digital and can be downloaded through OCRA Brown Library‚Äôs Online Course Reserves Access webpage.
  • Several of the course texts have been order through the Brown Bookstoore if you wish to purchase them. At least one copy of these texts will be available on reserve at the library. Additional copies may be available in the Archaeology Institute library at 70 Waterman 3rd floor.
  • This wiki will serve as the primary website for this course. We will not be using a MyCourses page.

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